Cardiovascular diseases have been identified as "public health enemy no. 1" by the World Health Organization.
Cardiovascular diseases kill more people than any other single disease.
The search for reliable preventive methods should be pursued.

Prevention of heart failure (HF) and sudden death (SCD) requires

Repair - gene expression in HF
CPT-1 inhibitors
PPARalpha activators

Safe pericardial access for epicardial leads and ablation

Repair - electrical instability, SCD
HUFA deficiency in HF

Blood EPA+DHA Level
Duodenal EPA
                        ethyl ester uptake
Repair - sympathetic hyperactivity
"Excess Catecholamine Syndrome"

Lifestyle and sympathetic overactivity
Repair - pericardial inflammation
Safe treatment of pericardial effusion
Repair - surgical & stem cell delivery
Endoscopy, laparoscopy, NOTES
AttachLifter and GI adenoma
Repair - nutritional targets
International Society for
Molecular Nutrition and Therapy (ISMNT)

"Chronic Disease Prevention by Exploring Mechanisms
Associated with Diets of Affluent Societies"
Repair - atherosclerosis and beyond
News: From plaque to sudden death
News: Vulnerable plaque risk screening
News: Plaque stability: signalling
Plaque rupture_Heinz Rupp Weekly top news
What precedes infarction and stroke? How to assess risk?
How to prevent or stabilize vulnerable plaques?

"Der eine wartet, dass die Zeit sich wandelt, der andere packt sie kräftig an und handelt." Dante Alighieri (1265–1321)

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