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Well said. another fact is that there are only an handful of vitamin

manufacturers in the country. The produce all the products for

different companies. A good test of vitamins is have the USP approval

on the label. They say that the product will disolve in your system

within 45 minutes. A good test for this is to take the vitamin pills

and place them in a small amount of vinegar and see if they disolve in

the required 45 minutes. if so, then you have an acceptable product.


Keep up the good advice.


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Most research shows that chromium does little, if anything, to lower

blood sugar. I am puzzled why your wife supports Centrum vitamins.

What's important is what's in a vitamin, not the brand. Vitamins are

vitamins, regardless if they are synthetic or natural. The body can't

tell the difference between the the two, let alone a brand. For

example, when doing a dumbbell curl, you could use a 10 pound dumbbell

or a 10 pound concrete block. You know the difference, but your

muscle doesn't. The muscle only "knows" that there is a ten pound

weight at the end of your arm.


Kevin Kelly, Licensed Registered Dietitian



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