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> Subject: Re: Vitamin supplements: How to assess quality?


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> >I would like to know how I can determine if a vitamin supplement is of good

> >quality or not. I am on a particular medication and both my doctor and a friend

> >who is an RD have recommended that I take a vitamin supplement. I have heard

> >that Shaklee is a good and reliable company. Is there a test that I can do to

> >tell if a supplement is good or not?

> >Thanks !

> >Sue


> sue;

> products from thorne research and tyler encapsulations are two companies

> that are used by many

> ND's and MD's. they're available only thru professional health care providers.

> note: i have no commerical interest in these two companies.


> richard


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Sue: You do not need to buy over priced vitamin and mineral supplements.

Just go to your local store, purchase the store brand of supplements and

make sure that you do not have any more than 100% to 150% of the USRDA

for vitamins and minerals. Janet

100% to 150% of the USRDA for vitamins and minerals