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>Subject: Re: Vitamin C: Mega dose


>> But it certainly has a lot of practical support based on how well it works.

>> Tho, I always found Dr Paulings books filled with all sorts of reasons

>> Vitamin C did such wondrous things.


>I don't think anyone can argue Vitamin C is a wondrous substance with a

>very essential role in metabolism. The doses and adament claims are the

>issue here.


>I tend to think the reason the medical

>> community is so down on Vitamins in general


>I do not know a member of the medical community who could be down on

>vitamins as we are taught of their many values, essential role, and

>serious effects of deficiencies.


>>and Vitamins C and A in particular


>I have not noticed a bias toward these vitamins. Hypervitaminosis, as

>can happen with the fat soluble vitamins, can be a very serious problem.

>I think you may mean beta-carotene? Vitamin A, stored in the liver, can

>be a bad agent in large doses.


I happen to be allergic to practically anything in the grass family.

This is a great many different foods that cause me pain / trauma.

However, the medical industry is always telling people to eat whole

grains / wheat germ without any warnings that some people may

be allergic. On the other hand when a small percentage of those

taking Vitamin A get sick the whole medical industry is in a frenzy

feeding stories to the media about how poisonous Vitamin A is.

And you expect me to believe the medical industry does not have

a bias toward vitamins. Worse, I think some people ate some

polar bear liver and got sick and without finding out whether it

was the Vitamin A or some toxin in the liver from then on Vitamin

A was a poison. It obviously is not a general metabolic toxin as I

consume it in vast amounts. I also gather from reading Dr Pauling's

books that he also consumed Vitamin A in amounts far above what

the government / medical industry considers harmful. I would

strongly suspect that those that get sick are simply allergic to it.

After all with a fixed shape space there are only about 10 to the

8th possible shapes and the same number of allergens so one

suspects that a few people can be found that are allergic to

anything. And no, I do not mean beta carotene. After the FDA in

its meddling made it impossible to get 25,000 unit capsules of

Vitamin A any longer and I tired of taking many of the 10,000

unit ones I tried beta-carotene and it simply does not have the

same, or maybe, any effect.




>> is that they know how well they work and are scared to death at the

>> catastrophic drop that would occur in their fee income


>I am scared to death of lawyers who threaten medical practitioners for

>advocating unproved tactics and taking one small step outside of what is

>considered standard of practice as described by current medical



Amazing! Here the medical profession is killing those with AIDS by

the thousands by prescribing AZT of the most potent

poisons ever developed. Seemingly the medical profession does

not mind killing people as long as they use accepted procedures


The medical profession seems to have no qualms about killing off all

the friendly bacteria with antibiotics and then scarcely ever telling the

patients to take some yogurt or other means of rebuilding the life

saving number of friendly bacteria. The medical profession is awfully

slow to step forward and claim credit for the deaths they cause this

way when highly toxic bacteria get into people whose friendly bacteria

were destroyed via anti-bionics


For 20 or more years the medical industry and media have done

their best to frighten people out of eating eggs because YEETCH

they contain cholesterol. The medical profession is totally silent

about pointing out that Vitamin C is necessary in building the

enzymes that break down Cholesterol. Thus, we have all sorts

of fee income for heart problems and our institutions for mental

health overflow since there is really no good source for B vitamins

except eggs / yeast / liver and while lots use to eat eggs they no

longer do and most consider the last two intolerable. If such

abominations are accepted medical practice there is certainly no

reason not to expect lots of doctor bashing. All the science

is there. If an entity wants to take cholesterol out of the

system then it has to put lots of Vitamin C in. To say it is

good science to not eat Cholesterol when the body makes

it instead of wondering about getting rid of what is there

just shows to what horrible levels our science has fallen


The media is constantly filled with the horrors of lead

poisoning ..... when in fact there is no such thing ......only

shortages of Vitamin C for which ample evidence exists that

it is required to make the enzymes to escort Lead and other

heavy metals out of the system



> I am also scared to death that I might someday hurt someone

>with misinformation. I am often curious when I hear people slander what

>doctors make as to what that person thinks would be a reasonable salary.

>Usually they turn out to be misinformed about what most people earn after

>what it costs them to practice. Getting personal and taking jabs at

>professionals does not add any more credibility to unproven claims about



And, yet even so, most doctors make far too much. In my humble

opinion they should be treated like the rest of society and be subject

to lemon laws. That is they should only be allowed to collect for

treatment that does what it was stated it would do. If it does not

work or has harmful effects the doctor should not be allowed to collect


>>if a large percentage

>> of the population took reasonable doses of Vitamin C: 10 grams a day or more.


>Describe reasonable. Could it be what you define as a necessary dose,

>and anything else is unreasonable? Reminds me of the word people use

>when describing their diet: "I eat moderate amounts".


I like Pauling's description of this. Consume as much as the animals that

make their own. In terms of body weight this is probably

around 10 grams a day. But in truth it should always be

given in terms of grams of vitamin C per pound of body

weight. But even so that amount varies from day to day

depending on how one feels. When one is tired or stressed

much more is useful than when one feels good. I realize

that many seem to have problems taking enough to do any

good. I always feel that instead of telling people not to

take a lot their doctors should experiment and find out why

they the little they are taking is causing their intestines to

get upset.


Now, contrary to popular belief neither cats nor dogs make

enough Vitamin C to exist on and that their food is not Vitamin

C enriched probably goes a long way toward explaining the

fantastic amounts of Feline Leukemia and all the large dogs

put to sleep for horrible pain from bad joints. On the other hand

the natural prey of cats and dogs: rodents and birds just crawls

with Vitamin C. Typical rodents and birds make nearly 50 times

as much Vitamin C per unit of body weight as cats and dogs.

Since a dog crunching down a rat is also consuming a vast

amount of Vitamin C all at once I would presume that Vitamin

C needs a lot of protein / bacteria about to be absorbed without

problems. If I truly wanted healthy patients instead of obscene

amounts of fee income for making patients sicker I would spend

more effort finding out what makes some people able to swallow

1 gram Vitamin C tablets by the score while others get lose from

only swallowing one instead of just telling people to not eat

so much.


>> I have been taking that much or more for 30 years and in the last 40 years

>> have had less than 600 dollars worth of medical bills. I would appreciate

>> it if some of these medical scoffers of Vitamin C could produce a smaller

>> life time total of medical bills by NOT using vitamin C.


>True, true, and unrelated. I do not watch TV, and I have never been in

>the hospital. This does not give me the right to prescribe it to

>everyone with the promise to keep them well!


I think it is related. If I wanted to learn to ski, I would find

some who skied well. If I wanted to learn how to do

differential equations I would find some one who could solve

them. So, if I wanted a health practitioner I would find someone

who looked healthy instead of they typical overly addicted

doctor looking as if one foot was in the grave. After all if

they can not keep themselves healthy why should anyone else

think they understand anything about health


>> Of course I also take lots of Vitamin A and in my 60's still read very

>> easily with out glasses. I also eat lots and lots of eggs as well as

>> several quarts of nice rich raw milk a week. Along with the milk I also

>> take lots of yogurt and sometimes wonder if either the milk or yogurt

>> makes it possible to take almost infinite amounts of vitamin C without

>> upsetting ones intestines.


>I had a patient in his 80's who smoked 3 packs a day. But if you play

>the numbers and role the dice, I will side with the non-smokers. I am

>very happy for your good vision, but I cannot advocate these things

>based on your story. I know people who used to eat that way and are very



>> Why I do not know but Vitamin C also seems to be a marvelous pain killer

>> in that the last time I even took an Aspirin was when I was nine or so.


>Because you believe in it so absolutely. You need to let someone give

>you an exact replica and not tell you if it is Vitamin C or a placebo, and

>see how you feel.


Well I see no reason why I should not believe in it. A dozen

years ago when a car came up and being driven by one who hated

bicycles tip the back of my left calf at high speed. The leg really

got swollen .....but there was not a hint of discoloring. I always

associate that with strong intracellular matrix that comes along

with lots of Vitamin C. I have dozens of rose bushes and it has

never occurred to me to use gloves when gardening. Ten years or

so ago when my Nephews replaced the roof on the front house

I picked up all the fallen shake again without gloves. Just as

with all the years with all the thorny plants no slivers / no cuts.

My brother picked up one fallen shake without a glove and got a

sliver under his thumb that caused it to not only swell but turn

the most revolting / lurid colors.....but he is married to one

that works in the medical industry and of course scoffs at

vitamins. Perhaps, instead of telling all that as long as you

do not have scurvy you have enough vitamin C it would be

better to say as long as your bruise easily you do not have

enough Vitamin C. Instead of writing these silly things about

excess Vitamin C being excreted in the urine tell patients

how lucky they are to have all that acid in urine to discourage




>> At any rate I do wish that all these medical scoffers would match your life

>> time medical expenses by NOT USING VITAMINS against the same for those that

>> do and then just be quiet


>Jack, medical scoffers are not attacking those who take vitamins. I

>encourage it and take them myself. What I am attacking is the way that

>opinion is being funnelled into dogma.


What amazing hypocrisy. Practically every drug in the PDR

has a long list of problems. That is a drug that was created to

do X, is also found to cause A, B, C, D and so forth in the various

patients who use it. In only a fraction of these cases are the

reaction paths known as to why X also causes A, B, C, D and so

forth and yet the opinions of those taking the drugs are certainly

funneled into Dogma and become part of the legal aura surrounding

use of that drug. And yet you seem to feel that the personal

observations of people taking vitamins .....even when they match

known reaction paths are not even worth considering, and still

you want us to believe that the medical profession does not have

a strong bias against vitamins


> I would invite anyone to look at

>each thing they do for their health - measure the costs and evaluate the

>benefits. Make choices and see what works for you. Talk to many

>kinds of practitioners. If you want a medical opinion, which will be

>based on science and highly regulated by every agency known to man, seek



The real question of course is why anyone would want to

talk to any sort of practitioner with such a high percentage of

illness doctor caused. At the present time the safest way to

remain healthy is to avoid doctors at all costs.....and

a minimal amount of pondering causes one to think doctors

are more or less redundant. They charge an arm and a leg to

write a prescription. But since they can not be bothered with

knowing enough about the patient they are prescribing dangerous

/ possibly fatal drugs for to find out all the drugs and foods the

patient consumes pharmacists have to use expensive computers

to try and determine whether all the prescriptions a patient is

taking interact in harmful ways. Worse, sensible patients have

to have their own PDRs to try and find out what horrible things

this drug will cause since in the few seconds a doctor can allot

to each patient he certainly can not explain what a drug is

supposed to do and might do that is not desired. So, since

pharmacists have to check the doctors and patients the pharmacists

it would seem simpler to just have patients buy their own

remedies and leave doctors and pharmacists out of the loop



But do not pass along your personal experience

>as scientific knowledge. And please stop doctor bashing. We are

>pulling 80 hour weeks out here, many of us doing the best we can do try

>to help people get better based on the methods and information we have

>been taught. To vary from that violates our personal and professional

>oaths, can result in loss of licensure, hospital privileges, and even

>can be against the law.


One thinks the country would be much better without such long hours.

wasting 14% of the GDP on the medical profession when a half percent

should be more than ample with all that is known about nutrition.


Most lists do not like titles and I tend to avoid them but as long as this

list tends to value the post not by its content but by the number of

initials after a name I amongst other things obtained a PhD in Chemistry

in 1956




>All the best,









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