From: (Jim Barron)

Subject: Re: Fingernails: Deficiency symptoms?

>From: (denise m st.pierre)





>I have lines that look like ridges going the length of the nail in some

>of my fingernails. I figured it was a deficiency in something, but don't

>know what. My nails are also fairly pliable and soft. Can you give me

>any clues??



>Denise @



Probably B-vitamin deficiencies.


Other deficiency sympotoms of the various b-vitamin deficiences include:


Fatigue, irritability, depression, skin problems, poor appetite, insomnia,

neuritis, anemia, constipation, high cholesterol, enlarged tongue

(including the buds on the side) that is shiney,bright red and rull of

grooves, and MANY others. If you are low in one you are probably low in

several. Get a good book on nutrition and read up on the B-complex.


Having suffered from VERY severe deficiencies of the b-complex (due to a

malabsorption syndrome) I can attest to the fact that mega doses when you

are very low can literally work miracles.


Often the reason you are low may have to do with intestinal yeast

overgrowths (yeasts make b-vitamins, but if they absorb them from their

environment if they are available (this saves them the energy required to

manufacture them) - if that environment is your gut, YOU miss out). If

you are low on B-s it's a very good idea to take them on an empty stomach

(and ESPECIALLY without ANY accompanying simple sugars or carbohydrates).

If there is no source of sugars available the yeast cannot utilzed them to

grow wild and you get most of them. Also try probiotics (yoghurt,

acidopholus supplements, garlic, fructooligosaccharides, caprylic acid

(goat's milk is a good natural source), etc., avoid nuts, don't snack

(letting your stomach empty frequently helps discourage overgrowth) and get

aerobic exercise.


Topping up on the B-complex can VASTLY improve your outlook on life (MUCH

better than Prozac or other pharmaceuticals).


If the general public was aware of how strong an impact B-complex

supplementation could have on mental health, a LOT of psychiatrists would

go out of business.


Jim Barron

Chapel Hill, North Carolina, United States