From: Joe & Anne Lewis <>

Subject: Re: Spirulina: Over hyped pond scum or?


Dear Dr. Gary L. Green, D.C.;


Spirulina is an ancient plant one cell wide, stacked together end to end,

to form spirals. It's cell walls are mostly protein, unlike most plants

with cell walls of cellulose. The body must break down the cellulose walls

of most plants to get the protein and other nutrients, and that makes it

hard for humans to absorb or assimilate their protein and nutrients. The

protein and other nutrients in spirulina are therefore easily absorbable.

Spirulina contains 18 amino acids, the so called building blocks of

proteins, including the 8 essential amino acids which humans can't make

ourselves and must get from our food. Spirulina also contains many

essential minerals and vitamins including betacarotene. Plus, unlike most

plants spirulina stores energy as glycogen instead of starch, just like a

human body does, so your body can use easily convert the spirulina you eat

into energy.


Spirulina is 65% protein, higher then any other plant.

Compare it to Eggs (45%), Brewers Yeast ( 45%), Soybeans (40%) , dried milk

(35%) and beef (17%). Spirulina is rich in vitamins and minerals. It

contains the entire B-complex group of vitamins. Previously substantial

B-12 sources were thought to only come from animal sources, however

Spirulina contains twice the B-12 content of liver. As a natural source of

B vitamins Spirulina could replace all synthetic B vitamin supplements. The

main pigment in Spirulina is betacarotene, which when absorbed by the body

is converted into vitamin A on a as needed basis. So there is little or no

risk of vitamin A toxicity. Spirulina also contains calcium, iron,

potassium, zinc and many trace elements.


Spirulina is a blue-green aquatic plant (algae) bt it should not be

confused with other algae marketed as health food like "Super Blue Green

Algae" from Klamath Lake which has a different nutritional profile,

different physically.


Spirulina is believed by most to be very good for you, but many

preparations don't taste good. But there are some tasty preparations

available. And information on these can be supplied upon request.