From: Robert Sleigh <>

Subject: Re: Spirulina: The facts and the hype


Joe & Anne Lewis <> have sent out numerous messages to

nutrition newsgroups highlighting the benefits of spirulina.

Mark Thorson (eee@ has collected a number of references which

question the validity of claims that spirulina and several types of tempeh

are good sources of vitamin B-12 for humans because the USP assay measures

vitamin B-12 that is active for bacteria not humans.


Can any one comment on the benefit or lack of benefit to humans, of taking

vitamin B-12 analogues?




>Date: Sun, 12 Oct 1997 08:19:16 -1000

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>From: Joe & Anne Lewis <>

>Subject: Reply about Spirulina


>I recently saw this information about Spirulina on the Wellness Web page, I

>copied it and attached it here.

>Joe L.



>1) Overview--The Hype and the Facts

>2) Nutrients in Algae

>3) Potential Benefits in Athletics, Pregnancy and Early Childhood

>4) Algae as a Diet Food