Subject: Coenzyme Q-10


Although I work with a fairly low income male population (VA patients) many

seem to manage to find the money for dietary supplements, but can't scare up

the funds for vegetables!! Many of these men are on coumadin -and I'm

finding that coenzyme q-10 is being promoted in many of the pharmacies as


"an essential nutrient to every cell, tissue and organ in the human body,

Coenzyme Q-10 supplies the spark that creates cellular energy. Studies have

shown that Coenzyme Q10 may help boost the immune system, lower high blood

pressure, have strong antioxidant properties, aid in weight loss and help

combat peridontal disease.

The body's natural ability to assimilate and synthesize Coenzyme Q-10

naturally declines in the course of aging and it is believed that supplements

of this nutrient can help counteract many negative effects associated with

that of aging."

I'd be interested in discussions surrounding this supplement, particularly as

I believe it is chemically similar to vitamin K - thus - would supplements

effect the anticoagulation effect of coumadin? What's going to happen to


As an coenzyme, is it not "digested" when taken orally?


Looking forward to the discussion!


Beth Holthausen, MS,RD, LD

Primary Care Dietitian