From: "Mary W O'Connor" <>

Subject: Vitamin C what is it?


It is my understanding that to most people Vitamin C is defined

as ascorbic acid.


It became my knowledge many years ago that to Linus Pauling

Vitamin C is a complex vitamin which includes rutin, hesperadin,

bioflavinoids, citrus pectin as well as the ever popular ascorbic

acid. (I am sorry if I have missed one of the items.) I have always

felt this explains the reason why the medical world could not duplicate

Linus Pauling's work.


I am a lay person in regards to medicine, but have been studying

alternative health practices for 20 years. I was hoping that this list would

perk up. So far, I have enjoyed the Australia netlinks I have picked-up.


Mary O'Connor

'Man's ability to learn from the mistakes of others is only surpassed

by his disinclination to do so.' - Douglas Adams

(Opologies if my memory didn't get that quote precisely)