From: Bonnie MacEvoy <>

Subject: Re: Vitamin C: Mega dose



> >bias. Are you really saying Saudi is a vast laboratory? I know some

> people who would be offended at that.


> The offended person must be furious with me for viewing the world as a vast

> laboratory.


A laboratory is controlled, to some extent. The world is not (thankfully).

Random information cannot be interpolated into scientific fact.


> I'd like to hear more from people like Dr. Ambros. A listserver should

> promote information exchange


This has been a very active exchange, of information and of opinions.


> mainstream medical establishment long enough to analyze them on their

> merits.


I can only ponder opinions. I can only analyze data. Please define

mainstream. Merits are subjective. I give everybody credit for their

good intentions.


Dr. Bonnie