Subject: Re: Vitamin C


>Linus Pauling was a brilliant chemist that didn't know squat about

>medicine. His theory about Vitamin C warding off all potential colds

>had no scientific basis. He sure helped sell a lot of Vitamin C



But it certainly has a lot of practical support based on how well it works.

Tho, I always found Dr Paulings books filled with all sorts of reasons

Vitamin C did such wondrous things. I tend to think the reason the medical

community is so down on Vitamins in general and Vitamins C and A in particular

is that they know how well they work and are scared to death at the

catatrophic drop that would occur in their fee income if a large percentage

of the population took reasonable doses of Vitamin C: 10 grams a day or more.


I have been taking that much or more for 30 years and in the last 40 years

have had less than 600 dollars worth of medical bills. I would appreciate

it if some of these medical scoffers of Vitamin C could produce a smaller

life time total of medical bills by NOT using vitamin C.


Of course I also take lots of Vitamin A and in my 60's still read very

easily with out glasses. I also eat lots and lots of eggs as well as

several quarts of nice rich raw milk a week. Along with the milk I also

take lots of yoghurt and sometimes wonder if either the milk or yoghurt

makes it possible to take almost infinite amounts of vitamin C without

upsetting ones intestines.


In addition to the list of wonders about Vitamin C that Dr Pauling brought

before the public there are a couple of more that are also very valuable.

It tends to make one *splinter proof* in that the cells do not seem to break

as splinter slide between instead of breaking cells and leading to infection

and all the nasty / lurid colors. This allows open wounds to heal much

faster with much smaller chance of infection.


Why I do not know but Vitamin C also seems to be a marvelous pain killer

in that the last time I even took an Aspirin was when I was nine or so.


At any rate I do wish that all these medical scoffers would match your life

time medical expenses by NOT USING VITAMINS against the same for those that

do and then just be quiet






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