From: (Karuna Thal)

Subject: Re: Vitamin C more than ascorbic acid?




>From: "Mary W O'Connor" <>

>Subject: Vitamin C what is it?


>It is my understanding that to most people Vitamin C is defined

>as ascorbic acid.


>It became my knowledge many years ago that to Linus Pauling

>Vitamin C is a complex vitamin which includes rutin, hesperadin,

>bioflavinoids, citrus pectin as well as the ever popular ascorbic

>acid. (I am sorry if I have missed one of the items.) I have always

>felt this explains the reason why the medical world could not duplicate

>Linus Pauling's work.


Aloha Mary, and friends,


I have used vitamin C for 27 years. I am rarely ever ill. Though I now

take complete balanced anti-oxidant supplements, research still warrants

including plenty of vitamin C.


I presently take and recommend to my clients a C-ascorbate--that is C

combined with Calcium, Magnesium, Potassium and Zinc, as well as Ascorbyl

Palmitate, and Bioflavonoid Complex--citrus, quercitin & Rutin.


The two major benefits are: it stays in the bloodstream 4 hours (ascorbic

acid stays in the blood stream for an hour, which is why Linus Pauling

recommended megadosing hourly for acute situations), it is alkaline

producing (ascorbic acid is acid producing). Most people's bodies are

overly acidic, so supplements which are alkaline producing will be more



I have been a holistic practitioner for 21 years.


With love,


Karuna Thal


Karuna Thal, Kauai, Hawaii * Holistic Health Consultant