From: Linda Burton <>

Subject: Re: Sugar substitutes


> From: mandy aylesworth <>

> I was very recently told I need to cut out all sugars for health reasons.

> Can any of you tell me anything (good or bad) about the "fake" sugars,

> i.e. Nutrisweet, etc.? Thank you very much.


> Mandy Aylesworth

> WSU Undergraduate, Nutrition Major


Dear Mandy- Without getting too personal, why were you recommended to

eliminate All sugars for "health reasons"? Anytime I hear a statement

like this from a client or consumer, I wonder who they are dealing with.

Even diabetics have a certain amount of sugar in their diet in various

amounts- it is the balance and serving size that is important. Americans

may eat too much sugar but outside of dental caries, diabetic control and

sugar taking the place of more nutritious foods, there are very few

problems. Linda Burton. M.S. Jamestown, N.Y.