From: (Theresa B Gilman)


>From: mandy aylesworth <>

>I was very recently told I need to cut out all sugars for health

>reasons. Can any of you tell me anything (good or bad) about the "fake" sugars,

>i.e. Nutrisweet, etc.? Thank you very much.



Oh, Mandy, where to begin???


I know doctors who are afraid to use artificial sugars, especially

Nutrasweet. One told me he read in a reputable medical journal that

sugar is safer in the body than Nutrasweet (unless you're diabetic...then

adjust your sugar intake, but *don't* start on Nutrasweet).


This I do know from personal experience regarding Nutrasweet:

If you are prone to migraine headaches, it can set them off.

It can cause anxiety attacks.

It can cause heart palpatations.


I'm sure others can add to this list of negatives. I had to stop

ingesting Nutrasweet (aspartame) because of anxiety attacks and for the

sake of avoiding any more bad reactions, I cut out all artificial

sweetners. I am surprised at how much better I have felt all around

since withdrawing from them. I am diabetic, so I have learned to enjoy

flavored sparkling waters and seltzers. It took some getting used to,

but it worked!


Hope this helps...