I am a Registered Dietitian who while still in undergraduate biochem did a

paper on Nutrasweet/Aspartame. Keep in mind the two ingredients, aspartic

acid and phenylalanine, are only two amino acids that normally in nature are

not bonded together. However, when heated in the presence of each other at

high temperatures, these two amino acids bond together and happen to form a

sweet taste. That is also why Nutrasweet can not be used in baked goods

unless in a time released capsule-- because when heated the bonds break and

you know longer have a sweet substance, but rather a bitter taste. The body

breaks down aspartame like any amino acids, the bonds are broken with the two

individual amino acids separated. The process occurs when you eat a piece of

meat or a starch that contains these two amino acids. The drawback on

Nutrasweet is that individuals with PKU can not have this due to the content

of the amino acid phenylalanine. I do not believe it is good to consume too

much of anything, moderation is important. Thus I would not recommend having

more that 5 servings of items with Nutrasweet per day (my own personal

opinion). The National Institute of Health reports that the safe level of

aspartate per day is 12 two liters of soda! On the other side, sugar in

moderation can be enjoyed. But I'm not sure that people in the US know how

to do that, and most of the general public would benefit from eating less