From: Linda Burton <>

Subject: Re: Sugar substitutes: Hypoglycemia?


> From: mandy aylesworth <>


> Hi again. This is Mandy here, and I apologize for not being more specific

> in my first note. My actual condition is Hypoglycemia, and I was told to

> cut out all table sugar, and dried fruits and bananas until my body has

> "cleaned itself out" so to speak, and then I can reintroduce and

> experiment different foods. The list is actually longer than that, but I

> have decided to permanently change my diet, to go easy on the sugar,

> because this is a condition that I will never get rid of, and diabetes

> also runs in my family. Anyway, I have never heard anything good about

> "fake" sugars, although every diabetic cookbook I have found uses them as

> sweeteners, instead of juice concentrates, which I would prefer to use. So

> basically what I'm wondering is, can anyone help me with information

> either on hypoglycemia, "fake" sugars, or other general information which

> could be helpful in "eating right"? Thank you

> > Mandy Aylesworth

> WSU Undergraduate, Nutrition Major


Dear Mandy- You really don't "clean your self out" of sugars- simple sugars,

including sucrose (table sugar), fruit sugar (fructose) and other simple

sugars are metabolized rather quickly- in a matter of hours. The problem

with sugars for a hypoglycemic are that they tend to make your blood sugar

spike and crash with the usual uncomfortable and sometimes dangerous

symptoms. Most of the hypoglycemics I've worked worth manage quite well by

moderating their blood sugar levels by eating frequently (6x per day) and

including a balance of protein, carbohydrates and fats at each meal.

These by necessity must be smaller meals so that your calorie level does

not go too high. Avoid unnecessary amounts of simple sugar, but some

fruit and juice is usually still worked into the diet. I would suggest

that you make an appointment with a registered dietitian who can look at

your specific needs and plan an appropriate diet for you. I have never

promoted the artificial sugars- they taste awful, and there are many ways

you can eat well without them. Linda B.>