From: Kevin Kelly <>



> From: mandy aylesworth <>

> I was very recently told I need to cut out all sugars for health reasons. Can any of you tell me anything (good or bad) about the "fake" sugars, i.e. Nutrisweet, etc.? Thank you very much.

> Mandy Aylesworth

> WSU Undergraduate, Nutrition Major




I would like to know what the health reason is. For now, I can let

you think about this: When people say they are cutting out sugar, I

ask them what they mean. The response is usually table sugar

(sucrose) and pop. Sugar is one form of carbohydrate and there are

many other forms. Corn syrup is a carbohydrate and that is often

found in pop any many foods. Fructose (the sugar found in fruit) is a

carbohydrate. I think you get the message. If you don't care to post

it here, then e-mail me personally. I can send you some information

on carbohydrate that you will probably find very interesting and

informative. I can also give you the facts on NutraSweet.


Kevin Kelly, Licensed Registered Dietitian