From: Graham Trevor Cottrell <>

Subject: Re: Responsible reporting



I am relatively new to this list and have watched some of the debates

carried out with amusement. As a physiologist in an academic

setting I am, like many readers on this list, searching for answers to

difficult questions. I understand that some of these answers are hard to

come by, but the act of preaching is certainly not the solution.


Whether we like it or not nutrition is a science and to treat it other

than that is irresponsible and vain. The following comments made by

Richard are an example of this irresponsibility and fear-mongering. I am

an individual who believes in natural, healthy living. In my younger

years I spent time learning from "holistic practitioners". I read the

literature, and went to the seminars (rallies). Through this I was filled

with misinformation in my search for answers. Eventually, realizing the

trap of following these individuals, I broke off. Since doing this I have

been more in control of my health and a lot wealthier.


These individuals criticize government, science, and the medical community

for being concerned about profits. At the same time they make

their own millions selling their own brands, relying on

others fear of the unknown to pull them into this expensive lifestyle.


I recommend free speech and writing for your cause but I suggest that this

be done responsibly. Include some references so that others can look up

the information themselves and make their own judgements. For example;

what arctic natives? When and where was this recorded? Someone involved

in the medical community obviously did the blood work and reported it.

What farmers? What was the case history? I have an 80 year old friend

who has been farming all his life and I have watched him mix liquid

fertilizers with his hand. He also smokes. What does that tell you?

Nothing. I could give more examples but I believe you understand my



So in the future, please can everybody take a little time to reference

their ravings a little. Some of us would like to be educated instead of

preached to.


Trevor Cottrell