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Subject: Responsible reporting: This list should be for informal

exchange of ideas or concepts



Date: Tue, 04 Feb 1997 19:05:09 -0800

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Subject: Re: Responsible reporting: Nutrition is a science and to treat

it other than that is irresponsible and vain


>Whether we like it or not nutrition is a science and to treat it other

>than that is irresponsible and vain. The following comments made by

>Richard are an example of this irresponsibility and fear-mongering.

>years I spent time learning from "holistic practitioners". I read the

>literature, and went to the seminars (rallies). Through this I was filled

>with misinformation in my search for answers.


did you try learning from licensed practitioners? where they graduates of

accredited schools and universities?


>These individuals criticize government, science, and the medical community

>for being concerned about profits. At the same time they make

>their own millions selling their own brands, relying on

>others fear of the unknown to pull them into this expensive lifestyle.


you obviously got mixed up with the wrong crowd. care to name names?



>I recommend free speech and writing for your cause but I suggest that this

>be done responsibly. Include some references so that others can look up

>the information themselves and make their own judgements. For example;

>what arctic natives? When and where was this recorded?


maybe we need standards for messages posted to this list. maybe everything

should be referenced.

my problem with that is it takes time to look up the books and journal

articles. i subscribe to several

listervs and get 60 e mail messages every day. i have a life above and

beyond computers and i can't justify

spending hours away from my wife and my gardens to do free research.

maybe you should do the research if your interested and have the time.

you can start with the journal of the u.s. public health service if you want

articles about pesticide residues

in artic peoples and herbicide residue in farm workers. sorry but i don't

remember the year these articles

were published.


>So in the future, please can everybody take a little time to reference

>their ravings a little. Some of us would like to be educated instead of

>preached to.


>Trevor Cottrell


Dear Trevor,

I couldn't agree more with your sentiments. It is bad enough trying

to do good research on requirements for individual nutrients without

hearing the torrent of marketing-oriented, unsubstantiated, anecdotal

drivel about extracts of rare Patgonian Herbs known to the Buddhist

Llamas for thousands of years and which are available in

(Lactose-free formulation) in bottles of 500 tabs from the Bong

Krecik Acid Herbal Mining Company of Ulan Bator. What amazes me is

the double standard applied by some holistic disciples to herbal remedies (which require no

safety-testing, certification & etc. but remember belladonna) and to 'pharmaceuticals' which

require FDA Approval. As in everything, efficacy should be proved.

Thus if a herbal remedy is potent, its toxicity should be checked, if

it is not efficacious - why buy it. It would be better to advertise

these remedies as "Natural Vitamin Z - the designer nutrient for

todays busy person available in 5 different colours"

Thank you for brightening up an otherwise dull afternoon spent

scanning the literature on "Immunological effects of the polyamines"

for a review I am writing.


George Grimble BSc PhD

Reader in Clinical Nutrition

Roehampton Institute London





richard and linda seattle wa.