From: Kevin Kelly <>


Organization: Forever Healthy


Subject: Re: Nutrition fraud: Rigorous product training of salespeople


Melody Cloud writes:


>Please maintain your open-mindedness, as there truly are excellent products

>in the 'alternative' mainstream-products that make the labor of sorting

> through the hype, worthwhile.




There is much about nutrition we do not know. I believe nutrition

will play more of an important role in health promotion than it does

today. The problem is we have more questions than answers. As you

have noticed, I am very outspoken about nutrition fraud. It

undermines my profession and the health profession in general. People

who are looking for alternatives to their health problems are easy

targets for quacks. Quacks do more harm than good (if any good). As

a dietitian, it is easier for me to sort through the hype. For most

of the public, that is not the case. It may be tough to tell at

times, but I believe I do keep an open mind about advances in

nutrition. It appears that you agree.


Kevin Kelly, Licensed Registered Dietitian