From: "Carolyn Gavranich" <>


Subject: Introduction


Hello everyone,


I am new to this list and have been enjoying the discussion about chromium

and other supplements. Let me introduce myself. I am a program

representative with the U.C. Cooperative Extension in Auburn, CA. My

college degree was in home economics, dietetics specialty - I did not go on

for my R.D.


Since working with Cooperative Extension I started out coordinating

volunteers in the area of food safety and food preservation. Currently I am

working on a grant to do nutrition education and cooking with food stamp

recipients. I receive a lot of basic nutrition questions and some phone

calls about the use of supplements; recently I received tapes and

literature from an acquaintance on blue green algae. I'm usually suspicious

of people pushing nutritional products vs. sound nutrition which I found

these tapes to do. Their nutrition information borders on fraud as far as

I'm concerned.


Bonnie, I wholeheartedly support your comment that "I know many

nutritionists whose medical background is inadequate. One person cannot

know it all. Let's all work together." It seems that often so called

"professionals" spend more time bashing each other than finding ways they

can collaborate.


I am very interested in the conversation on use of supplements. Just

tonight on the news there was a short segment on the use of DHEA. According

to Consumer Reports (some of you may think they are a reliable source, some

of you may not), no conclusive research supports its claims, some of which

are to give one greater energy, help with weight loss or make one feel

younger. An acquaintance of mine, who happens to be a chiropractor and into

"nutrition", claims it can help with menopause symptoms. Any comments on



Since I am 50 and into the throngs of menopause (I had a partial

hysterectomy - still have ovaries), I am always interested in hearing

professional opinions about ERT. I am currently taking Estradiol (.5 mg a

day). I was having horrible hot flashes and night sweats, which seem to

have lessened somewhat. My M.D. felt that the risks outweighed the

benefits; she felt I would benefit from the lessened risks of heart disease

and osteoporosis, so I'm trying it. Have only been on it a couple of

months. I also take 50 mg of Atenolol a day for a minor mitral valve

prolapse and 10 mg Paxil a day to help with muscle tension headaches and

anxiety. I hate to take any meds, and I've noticed about 15 pounds weight

gain the past few months while on all this "stuff." Any feelings on better

alternatives would be appreciated. Thanks for the very professional