From: Eleanor Hayes-Cook <>

Subject: Re: health care consumer speaks


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> Please, everybody. Doctors don't and can't do it all. Who we are is a

> product of our training, the limitations of science, and many, many societal

> and professional pressures. Be happy to see us when you need our advice,

> believe that our intention is to help as we best know how, and if you don't

> think this is true, then you do not have the right doctor. Don't blame the

> rest of us for that.


> Bonnie MacEvoy, MD Dr. Bonnie and all

as a consumer of medical care I believe it behoves me to investigate

alternative forms of medicine-just as I read labels, study consumer

reports before buying a new dishwasher, price compare shop for food.

My health and well being lies with ME and the ultimate decisions about my

care is my decision.

Just as I go for tetanus shots every couple of years, a flu shot yearly so

also do I go to a CDA for diabetes information, a dietitian for correct

food planing information and a chiropractor for messed up back.

I have a medical team to assist me in caring for myself.

They do the best job they can within the limits of their knowledge.

Sometimes they don't agree on the navigation of my medical joruney, but I

am the Captain and I make the ultimate decision.

And, just so, am I responsible for the consequences of that decision


Sometimes I wish they all would agree, or even talk together but they

don't so I put information I have gathered and make my decisions with the

best knowledge I can.

Doctor, nutritionists, naturopaths, chiropractors, sellers of

supplements, accupuncturist, and even Reike masters are all in the

"health care business".

The good news is we have choices where we take our business.

elle-health care consumer