From: Jerry Vonderharr <>

Subject: Re: Genetically engineered foods: Should there be labeling?


> <snip> On the other hand, labels placed on genetically engineered food

> might be interpreted as an unwarranted warning sign. We would

> appreciate opinions on this topic.


> Heinz Rupp,PhD

> University of Marburg


I prefer to be unwarrentingly WARNED, thank you very much!! Until there

are good clinical studies which assure me that a tomato bearing flounder

genes is HARMLESS to my system... I'd rather have the right to choose

whether or not to put it on my salad. I think the only people benefited

by this SILENCE is the food processors, whose aim is shelf life, durable

produce, and whatever other characteristics these mutants profess... I

don't think health benefits have ever been a factor.


Jerry Vonderharr, DC

paronoid of fishy tomatoes