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Subject: Re: Genetically engineered foods: Should there be labeling?


> During a survey on health aspects of genetically engineered

> food, we met a strong debate on food labeling in Europe.

> Although the FDA policy does not require labeling of food

> involving genetic engineering, it is often argued that e.g. the

> possibility of emerging allergens cannot be excluded. On the

> other hand, labels placed on genetically engineered food

> might be interpreted as an unwarranted warning sign. We would

> appreciate opinions on this topic.


> Heinz Rupp,PhD

> University of Marburg



Dear Dr. Rupp,

I am a registered dietitian working mainly with older adults and with a

special interest in Parkinson's disease. I find that older adults

frequently develop food allergies, in spite of having had no such

allergies in the young years.


I cannot emphasize too strongly the need for labeling of

genetically-altered foods. Some food allergens are potentially lethal,

particularly in the very old and the very young. For people with

Parkinson's disease, food allergies can be especially worrisome, as

mobility may be lessened, making it difficult to get to a phone to call

for help.


I spend a good deal of time educating my clients in the need to read

food labels to detect the presence of offending ingredients. My clients

must have the same ability to detect the presence of allergens in

genetically altered foods.


In my opinion, medicine, ethics, and law should all combine to require

proper labeling of such foods.

Kathrynne Holden, MS, RD


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