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>From: Bonnie MacEvoy <>

>Subject: Re: Nutrition fraud ?



>>if you've ever had to stay in a hospital or other institution that >is feed

>by a ADA nutritionist and get feed artificially flavoured and coloured

>gelatin you know that something is wrong.


>Sorry again. I would like to blame the fact that hospitals are being forced

>to run like businesses. It is cheaper to feed someone jello and custard and

>save on nutrition costs, which funds can then be funnelled over to the

>better surgical equipment. Priorities have to be made. Businessmen and

>lawyers are dictating the specifics of medical care, and it is scary.

>Only get 5 minutes with your doctor? She probably has to see 50 patients

>between 8am and 6pm to break even with paying her staff of 5 that she needs

>to keep all the different insurance company requirements straight, won't get

>lunch, and has to find time for the emergency calls that come in randomly.

>Mad that she didn't see your skin lesions or other deficiency symptoms while

>looking at your sore throat, or didn't counsel you on better nutrition when

>you have cut your hand?


>Please, everybody. Doctors don't and can't do it all. Who we are is a

>product of our training, the limitations of science, and many, many societal

>and professional pressures. Be happy to see us when you need our advice,

>believe that our intention is to help as we best know how, and if you don't

>think this is true, then you do not have the right doctor. Don't blame the

>rest of us for that.


>Bonnie MacEvoy, MD




my intent was not to attack dr.'s., but to attack the system of health care

that we currently have in this country. there's something very wrong with the way health care (disease care) is being provided and administered (as the above 2 paragraphs illustrate)




richard and linda seattle wa.