From: Jerry Vonderharr <>

Subject: Re: Transdermal weight loss patch: Should such a message be included in ISMNT Mail?


> .... on promoting a TRANSDERMAL WEIGHT LOSS PATCH without providing

> any evidence besides the idea of making good money <snip>


> Since we feel that this approach exemplifies some aspects of the

> nutrition field we thought your message should be included in the ISMNT mail.

> We would appreciate any comments or suggestions.


Dear Dr. Rupp,


I, for one, would appreciate not having to sift through network

marketing propaganda on this list. I would hope that this list would

hold itself above such testimony laced, biased, advertisements. I'm

approached on a daily basis by patients with dollar signs in their eyes,

looking to add a physician to their "downline". I feel it's unethical

for a physician to network to his/her patients ("Mr. Smith, you have

XYZ condition and the only treatment is this supplement, which I sell,

and by the way if you sell this to all your friends and family you and I

can retire on the residual income generated...")


It's bad enough that we have doctors running around who's only

pharmaceutical knowledge has been spoon fed from the pharm sales

propaganda... now we have all these networkers running around armed with

testimonials, selling their nutritional cures at rediculously inflated

prices. Dead Doctors may not lie, but there sure is an abundance of

misinformation being pandered around in the name of multilevel





Jerry Vonderharr, DC

Clinical Nutritionist