From: Linda Burton <>

Subject: Re: Milk: 4 levels of fat (3.25, 2, 1, 0.5%) available


> I would like to know where you can find low fat milk that contains 34%

> fat. For those of you that care about the truth, milk containing four

> different fat levels can be purchased.


> 1. whole milk- contains 3.25% fat

> 2. 2% low fat milk- contains 2% fat

> 3. 1% low fat milk- contains 1% fat

> 4. skim milk- contains less than .5% fat


> If you don't believe me go to the super market and look at the label or

> look in the Code of Federal Regulations published by the Food and Drug

> Administration.


> Lloyd


LLoyd- As I pointed out in an earlier reply, the label refers to weight-

not calories. A cup of whole milk at 3.3% fat has 150 calories and 8

grams of fat. Fat has 9 calories per gram, i.e. 72 calories, making that

cup of whole milk 48% fat. A real eye opener isn't it. That is why 2%

milk will no longer be able to be labeled low-fat milk.


Linda Burton, M.S.

Jamestown, N.Y.