From: "Kevin G. Mohrman" <>

Subject: Re: Calcium: Not milk but leafy vegs?

From: linda/richard <>

> Subject: Re: Heart attack: B6 deficiency?


> >> I have also stopped drinking skim milk, and would be curious what others

> >> thought of adults drinking milk ( i.e. milk being "liquid meat" ), and of

> > the protein ash neutralization effects.

> >

> > Milk is an excellent source of calcium ...

> richard and linda seattle wa.


> >

Richard: Milk IS an excellent source of calcium. Granted some dairy

products can be high in fat, there are many low fat and fat free dairy

items available. In addition, yes, there are people who cannot digest

milk, but there are products such as Lact-Aid that are available for

those people who need help with lactose digestion.

Milk and dairy products are essential to a healthy diet.

Janet Mohrman