From: Lloyd Metzger <>

Subject: Re: Calcium: Not milk but leafy vegs? Pesticides accumulate in



Richard wrote


>pesticides and fat go together very well. i think we all know how pesticides

>accumulate in the food chain, particularly in fat tissue. with low fat milk

>being 34% fat.

>eat low on the food chain and avoid the poison and/or buy organic/ grow your

>own or buy from the small local farmer that does grow organically.





> richard and linda seattle wa.



I would like to know where you can find low fat milk that contains 34%

fat. For those of you that care about the truth, milk containing four

different fat levels can be purchased.


1. whole milk- contains 3.25% fat

2. 2% low fat milk- contains 2% fat

3. 1% low fat milk- contains 1% fat

4. skim milk- contains less than .5% fat


If you don't believe me go to the super market and look at the label or

look in the Code of Federal Regulations published by the Food and Drug