From: Kevin Kelly <>

Organization: Forever Healthy

Subject: Re: Milk consumption by breastfeeding moms?

Dayle Hayes, MS, RD writes:


> Colleagues:


> A local certified lactation consultant is recommending that new

> nursing moms stop drinking milk. This is an "across the board"

> recommendation ~ in others words, without any evidence of colic, or > lactose intolerance, or family history of particular problems. Just > stop drinking milk (and BTW it is ok to drink pop) ~ at their first > out-of-hospital, new born visit to a private children's clinic.

> I would like to know what you think of this advice ~ and what

> recommendations you make in your practice/program/clinic regarding

> milk consumption by BF moms. I would also appreciate appropriate

> citations on any applicable research in this area ~ since I plan to > discuss this recommendation with the MDs at the clinic.

> Thanks in advance for your help.




As an RD, you have heard the pros and cons of breast feeding. To have

new nursing moms stop drinking milk is a new one. For what reason?

What does this consultant base his/her opinion on? Is this consultant

qualified? I realize you need objective information to bring to your

MDs, but I think this whole idea is ludicrous. A great source of

information is the La Leche League.


Kevin Kelly, Licensed Registered Dietitian