Subject: Re: Milk is essential: Lact-Aid for lactose digestion


>Milk and dairy products are essential to a healthy diet. Janet Mohrman


This public service announcement paid for by your Dairy Industry, and

remember... "Milk has more". <snicker>


Grow up and wean yourself Janet!


Interesting article by Alan Gaby, MD in last month's Townsend Letter for

Doctors. Gaby, writing about the drug-like quality of foods says:


"Morphine itself has been identified as a component of both human milk and

cow's milk, occurring naturally in these foods at a concentration of 200-500

ng/L. Another naturally occurring opioid peptide, beta-casomorphine-7, has

also been found in cow's milk. Cow's milk also contains histidyl-proline

diketopiperazine, a cyclic dipeptide which occurs naturally in the body and

which exerts various endocrine and central nervous system-related effects."


"The presence of addictive substances in milk may be a reflection of

nature's attempt to insure that the young will be motivated to nurse. The

identification of psychoactive (and addictive) substances in other common

dietary staples (coffee, chocolate, alcohol...) raises new questions about

the nature of appetite, hunger, addiction, and gratification."




Anyone who can't find scientific documentation supporting 30:40:30 dietary

ratios (aka THE ZONE) is either inept at literature searching or has his

blinders screwed on too tight.


For one of MANY examples see:


Randomized crossover study of 40% vs. 55% carbohydrate weight

loss strategies in women with previous gestational diabetes mellitus

and non-diabetic women of 130-200% ideal body weight.



Peterson CM; Jovanovic-Peterson L


Sansum Medical Research Foundation, Santa Barbara, CA 93105, USA.


J Am Coll Nutr, 1995 Aug, 14:4, 369-75