"The Excess Catecholamine Syndrome - From Cause to Therapy"
1st Conference of the
International Society for Molecular Nutrition and Therapy
Stuttgart, Germany, June 29th, 1995
Proceedings published in
Cardiovascular Drugs and Therapy 1996; 10(suppl. 1): 213-289
H Rupp, NS Dhalla, B Maisch, CG Brilla (eds)

H Rupp, Germany
Editorial: Hypercaloric intake, autonomic nervous system activity and hypertension
U Scherrer, Switzerland
Body fat and sympathetic nerve activity
 A Grynberg, D Ziegler, H Rupp, France
Sympathoadrenergic overactivity and lipid metabolism
KA McKnight, H Rupp, RE Beamish, NS Dhalla, Canada
Modification of catecholamine induced changes in heart finction by food restriction in rats
 T Hilderman, KA McKnight, KS Dhalla, H Rupp, NS Dhalla, Canada
Effects of long-term dietary restriction on cardiovascular function and plasma catecholamines in rats
KS Dhalla, H Rupp, RE Beamish, NS Dhalla, Canada
Mechanisms of alterations in cardiac membrane Ca2+ -transport due to excess catecholamines
H Rupp, B Maisch, CG Brilla, Germany
Drug withdrawal and rebound hypertension:
Differential action of the central antihypertensive drugs moxonidine and clonidine
AJW Scheurink, B Balkan, JH Strubbe, G van Dijk, AB Steffens, Netherlands
Overfeeding, autonomic regulation and metabolic consequences
P Ernsberger, RJ Koletsky, LA Collins, D Bedol, USA
Sympathetic nervous system contribution to salt-sensitive and obese hypertension 
PA van Zwieten, Netherlands
Regulation of sympathetic outflow by centrally acting antihypertensive drugs