From: Linda Burton <>



I am curious if any readers of this list have come into contact with

colloidal mineral and vitamin supplement products. They seem to be very

popular right now and come backed by an incredible list of benefits for

those who take the preparation for long terms. (The promoter actually

recommends you take the product for life) The product I have seen is sold

through a pyramid-like or Amway- like scheme, which makes me skeptical.

The reinforcement for taking the product becomes sales you can make to

others rather than any improvement in one's health or nutritional status.

I have seen similar liquid colloidal mineral products sold in health food

stores and catalogs. The tape accompanying the product made a couple

unusual claims that I have never run across in any of my nutrition

coursework, reading or research- Any comments?

-Selenium deficiency and gray hair, liver (aging) spots and facial


-Calcium deficiency and arthritis

-Chromium and vanadium deficiency and sweet and chocolate cravings

and diabetes

The speaker on the tape did claim there was research on rabbits that

showed a relationship between vanadium deficiency and the development (and

subsequent cure) of diabetes.

Has anyone seen any research on any of these relationships?

Linda Burton, M.S.

Extension Educator

Jamestown, N.Y.