From: (g-perrin)

Subject: Re: Colloidal minerals: more evidence


More on Colloidals:


See the Jan/Feb 1997 issue of Amer. J. of Natural Medicine.

An article, entitled "Colloidal Minerals: Clinical

implications of clay suspension products as dietary

supplements" AG Schauss, PhD


Although this publication isn't a peer-reviewed journal, the

article is none-the-less factually anchored and provides

excellent insight into what colloidals are made from and

physiologically why they can't live up to the MLM claims.


A short excerpt: "In an effort to locate the scientific support

for many of the claims made for colloidal minerals, databases

incorporating nearly 30 million papers published over the last

40 years were utilized, including the well-known Medline. Not

a single reference could be located that could support the claims

being made for these products."


jay perrin, DC