From: (sue ramsey)

Subject: Re: Colloidal minerals


> I would like to ask fellow readers if they have been following the

>trend for supplemental colloidal minerals. These preparations are liquid,

>contain vitamins as well, and are commonly sold through Pyramid or

>Amway-like sales ventures as well as through health supply and supplement

>catalogs and stores. Some of the information is quite convincing, but

>the sales scheme makes me very skeptical. Several points that were news

>to me: - the claim that aging skin- especially "liver spots", is related

>to Selenium deficiency and that supplementation over a period of months

>will cause the spots to disappear.

> -That chromium and vanadium are related to diabetes and that animal

>studies have shown that diabetic animals supplemented with vanadium showed

>improvement and cure of the diabetes. Also, that cravings for sweets and

>chocolate are alleviated by chromium and vanadium supplementation. (This

>makes me think of the new information on premenstrual syndrome and related

>sweet and chocolate cravings).

> I look forward to some dialog.

>Linda Burton, B.S., M.S.



Ive listened to the dead drs tape too. Theoretically, they shd be correct

in that our body doesnt adsorb all the nutrients in pill form that we take.

i persnly found no benefit from colloidial mins since i had already been

taking such mega doses in pill form. But for someone not having taken pills

it should work fine. i'm into 4 of those pyramid type companies in order to

prchase what i want. there's 1 colloidial in pill or capsule form that i

plan to try out. the major objection i have is that they don't gv a mg. per

dosage listing of vitmns or even wht vitmns r contained.