Subject: Re: Leg and thigh night cramps: Calcium?

> From: Barbara <>

> Subject: Leg and thigh night cramps


> Does anyone have any idea about what can be done for sudden leg and thigh

> cramps which occur at night when asleep and changing position?

> I take a full calcium supplement as recommended from my Naturopath, and in

> addition 8oz of Tonic Water or Quinine daily as this is reputed to help.

> I'm an omnivore, eat meat, fish, poultry, fresh veggies and fruit (most of

> which I grow myself), grains, but limited milk products (lactose intolerant

> except for good cultured non-fat yogurt).

> I'd sure appreciate any useful information after another episode last night.

> I'm a middle-aged caucasian female of moderate activity levels....was on my

> feet working about 7 hrs. yesterday, but don't know if that had anything to

> do with it.

> Thanks,


> Instead of just calcium try a mix of magnesia and calcium - that works

miracles for me. Good luck.