From: (g-perrin)

Subject: re: colloidals FACTS long


>Date: Fri, 10 Jan 1997 11:18:31 -0500 (EST)

>From: Linda Burton <>


>I am curious if any readers of this list have come into contact with

>colloidal mineral and vitamin supplement products. They seem to be

>very popular right now and come backed by an incredible list of

>benefits for those who take the preparation for long terms. (The

>promoter actually recommends you take the product for life) The

>product I have seen is sold through a pyramid-like or Amway- like

>scheme, which makes me skeptical.





If you like myths, unsubstantiated claims and fall prey to a sharp

marketing technique, then you'll fervently embrace 'Dead Doc's DO

LIE'...but if scientific fact and knowledge appeals to you more than

reading the Enquirer, then you appreciate the following posts which

appeared on the sci.nutrition list last year.


Further, if one checks the newsgroups, they'll find mostly posts

by MLM'ers selling their products with their hype...and those that post

postive claims, which in the eyes of science are simply

anecdotal experiences...and have no value in a -valid- study. There are


no _valid_ studies in the literature that support colloidals, only

the 'manufactured' pseudo studies, financed by the promoters of the

product, that give testimony to colloidals. It's common knowledge

there is a placebo effect that can be applied to any substance..

which can account for the infrequent anecdotal claims. [such as the

one that appears by "sue" on this thread]


Lastly, when considering information sources, ALWAYS QUESTION IT,



jay perrin, DC