Hi John: I thought I recognized that address. How is everything

there? You have probably already gotten some answers but I thought

I'd respond too. People who are allergic to wheat are most often

allergic to gluten - a protein complex formed when wheat flour is

moistened. It is present in every product that has flour - so baked

goods, breaded items, etc. People usually discover they have it when

they suffer gi distress or hives. It is a crummy allergy to have

because there are some many offensive foods. Even rye and oatmeal

breads will have some wheat flour in them. My local grocery store

sells some speciality mixes that don't contain flour and I know there

is a mail order operation that sells many wheat free products.

Sorry, I don't have a number or name. Call a local hospital and ask

for the dietitians - they should be able to help you.


Good luck and hope to see you in Ithaca in August....




> Can someone shed some light on wheat allergies. What food

> items should be avoided. Also how is this allergy

> determined?

> thanks

> John Greene