Subject: Re: Lactose intolerance?


> Are people really talking about "cows milk protein intolerance" when they

> say someone is "lactose intolerant"?


> Dr. Robert Sleigh

> Senior Research Scientist

> CSIRO Division of Food Science and Technology


I agree completely Doc,


I think it goes back to the "leaky gut syndrome" and some of these

proteins are poorly broken down in the stomach (possibly due to low HCl

and therefore hypoactive enzymes) resulting in the absorption of these

proteins through a disfunctioning gut (the result of too many aspirin

and NSAID doses, a fiber deficient diet, and antibiotics) and then form

immune complexes which wreak havok in the body in varied ways

(autoimmunity, allergy, etc.)


I attribute the fact that my own "lactose intollerance" has disappeared

(after a long abstinance from dairy products) to the fact that I have

taken measures to heal my intestinal mucosa (fasting, colonic therapy,



Jerry Vonderharr, DC