From: Jim Barron <>


Lactose intolerance is often a result of celiac disease. The lining of

the intestine is damaged so that it cannot produced enough lactase, the

enzyme necessary to digest lactose. The possibility of celiac disease

should be considered in anyone who cannot tolerate lactose. Celiac

disease is over 90% UNdiagnosed, so the index of suspicion is far too



For information on celiac disease, see:


Classic symptoms include pale, floating, unformed frequent stools, gas,

below normal weight (although some may be overweight), often a number of

nutrient deficiencies, etc.


Every time you diagnose a celiac patient you are saving them years of

ill health, and small fortunes in wasted office visits searching

endlessly for a correct diagnosis. The typical patient is diagnosed

only after YEARS of seeing many doctors and spending small (and not so

small) fortunes.